Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wireless RF Key Finder Locator, Remote Control, Pet, Wallet, Key Finder,for ipod nano video classic touch MP3 Cellular Phone Finder New(Free extra batteries)

Tired of losing your keys , ipod, cellular phone and other important items. Now, using our high-quality gadget with 2 key ring receivers, two thin receiver plates with double-sided adhesive tape and a single radio transmitter with 4 buttons. Should you lose an item, simply click the color-coded button on the transmitter and listen for the beep and look for the flash for the responding receivers. The transmitter can find items up to 60 feet away, and is powerful enough to penetrate walls, cushions, leather sofas, closet doors, and more. Now you'll never lose sight of your keys or wallet again. The only trick is to remember where you put the transmitter. The ipod accessory remote key finder comes with all the necessary batteries-transmits on the 433.92 MHz frequency and offers a volume level of 90 to 95 dB.(Free extra batteries)

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