Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab Protective Poly-Urethane Slide Release Sleeve - Black (ET-GTABBSSGSTA)

Only slightly larger than the Tab itself, this sleeve allows quick storage of the Tab and even a quicker removal using the unique pull strap release. To remove the Galaxy Tab from the sleeve, the pull strap is removed from its magnetically secured location allowing the user to pull up on the strap. The Tab gently rises out of the sleeve by about 2 inches as the strap is pulled up, allowing the Tab to be easily be gripped and removed from the sleeve. When returning the Tab back to the sleeve, the pull strap gently returns to its position within the sleeve and the pull tab automatically snaps into its place via the magnetic clasp design. Plus, with each journey in and out of this sleeve, the internal microfiber lining acts as a wipe to assist with keeping the screen and outer chassis clean.

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