Friday, December 30, 2011

Ericsson t19 Clip and Go car kit

The Clip N Go is a universal car handsfree system. Simply clamp the audio pickup over the earpiece of the phone.Works with any mobile phone and can be used in conjunction with the adjustable phone holder that is included. The unit also has a private listening feature.INSTRUCTIONS-Turn on your ignition of your car and plug in the handsfree into your vechiles cigarette lighter socket.The power indicator will then light up.Clip the other end of the hands free to your mobile phone and make sure it is centred over the phones speaker.Attach the mobile phne holder supplied and put your phone into the holder and secure with the adjustable sides and you have your mobile phone handsfree solution.To release the phone from the holder just press down the button on the holder and detach the handsfree clip from the earpiece of the phone.

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